Sheffield's Diamonds


GG Certified Appraisals

Since 1997, Dee Dee has acquired full knowledge of the appraisal business. She is proficient in appraisal activities, including gemstones, diamonds, gold testing, measuring stones, calculating weights, photo processing and creating documentation with clear & accurate information, pertinent in providing proper appraisals for each piece.

Dee Dee’s appraisal experience is of great value to all of her clients. She assists jewelry stores, insurance agents, lawyers and individuals with appraisals for insurance replacement (most common), estate settlements, divorce, liquidation and resale. Dee Dee’s ability to create and repair jewelry is an even greater asset to her appraisal clients. She is able to detect loose stones, abnormal wear & tear and construction issues, informing them of solutions that may be available.

For her appraisals, Dee Dee relies upon her extensive professional and educational experience and appropriate resources. Currently, she utilizes a variety of sources, including but not limited to appraisal manuals (i.e.; Anna Miller manuals and books), pricing guides (The Guide, Rapaport), auction resource books (i.e.; Auction Market Resource, Sotherby’s, Christies), reference books (i.e.; Gem Reference Guide, GIA Books and Manuals) and trade periodicals. Dee Dee is currently enrolled in GIA’s continuing education program. Her mission is to keep abreast of all the latest technical information available, which ultimately affects the value of an appraisal.

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