Sheffield's Diamonds

Custom Jewelry Design Process

Welcome to the world of custom design where we bring your imagination to life!

Our 4 step process allows you to create the perfect design using your idea for the finished piece. Utilizing our State of the Art computer aided design (CAD) software and our 3D PRINTER we can often offer a plastic (polymer) rendering the same day! Using the Matrix 8 design software the only limitation is our imagination!

Step 1: Custom Jewelry Design Sketch

Custom Jewelry Design Sketch

Beginning with a pencil sketch of the design, we develop an idea of what we want the piece to look like.

Step 2: 3D Model Jewelry Design

3D Model Jewelry Design

A 3D computer image is then created. At this point any changes can be made to the existing design. Once the final design meets with your satisfaction a 3D plastic model will be printed, bringing your imagination to life before your eyes!

Step 3: Jewelry Design Polymer Rendering

Jewelry Design Polymer Rendering

A polymer rendering is then “printed” to give you a physical representation of your design.

Step 4: Custom Jewelry Design Creation

Custom Jewelry Design Creation

Once the plastic model is approved the piece then goes to our jeweler where it is cast in the metal of your choice and your gemstones are delicately set by our master artisans.

Upon completion, the ring is then presented to you for a lifetime of enjoyment!